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Most Popular - Data Masking Software in 2019

SQL Server 2017 brings the power of SQL Server to Windows, Linux and Docker containers for the first time ever, enabling developers to build intelligent applications using their preferred language and environment... Learn more about - Microsoft SQL

Application Performance Management (APM) Suite; Application Performance Management (APM) Suite... Learn more about - Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Advanced Security provides two important preventive controls to protect sensitive data at the source: encryption and redaction. Together, these two controls form the foundation of Oracle's defense-in-depth... Learn more about - Oracle Advanced Security

BizDataX makes data masking/data anonymization simple, by cloning production or extracting only a subset of data. And mask it on the way, achieving GDPR compliance easier.; BizDataX makes data masking/data anonym... Learn more about - BizDataX

CA Test Data Manager uniquely combines elements of data subsetting, masking, synthetic, cloning and on-demand data generation to enable testing teams to meet the agile testing needs of their organization. This so... Learn more about - CA Test Data Manager

Protect sensitive information in environments that include training, development and outsourcing.; Protect sensitive information in environments that include training, development and outsourcing.... Learn more about - CX-Mask

The Protegrity Database Protector is a comprehensive security solution for most major databases utilized in the market today. It enables column level encryption, tokenization, masking, and monitoring in databases... Learn more about - Database Protector

Dataguise is designed to detect and protect sensitive data in real time across all repositories so enterprises can safely maximize the value of all their information assets.; Dataguise is designed to detect and p... Learn more about - Dataguise

Data Secure is a comprehensive protection solution that comes with pre-defined masking rules. With these rules you can scramble any non-key field in any client-dependent SAP table in a number of different ways (s... Learn more about - Data Secure

Vormetric Tokenization and related solutions dramatically reduce the cost and effort of meeting compliance mandates such as GDPR and PCI DSS. Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking protects data at the ... Learn more about - Data Tokenization, Masking and Transformation

SimShield Secures training and testing environments through bi-directional fixed-format data filtering and disguise.; SimShield Secures training and testing environments through bi-directional fixed-format data f... Learn more about - Forcepoint SimShield

iDiscover, found volumes of data in these places when rudimentary discovery had failed to do so. Other solutions can find some of the information in some of the places some of the time. MENTIS can find all of the... Learn more about - iDiscover

Enterprise sensitive data masking is complicated. It's not just the diversity of data sources, or differing user requirements, or the need to maintain data consistency; it's also performance requirements, effecti... Learn more about - iMAsk

Imperva Data Masking pseudonymizes and anonymizes sensitive data via data masking so you can safely use de-identified data in development, testing, data warehouses, and analytical data stores.; Imperva Data Maski... Learn more about - Imperva Data Masking

Data security and privacy for data in use by both mission-critical and line-of-business applications.; Data security and privacy for data in use by both mission-critical and line-of-business applications.... Learn more about - Informatica Dynamic Data Masking

Enhance data protection by de-sensitizing and de-identifying sensitive data, and pseudonymize data for privacy compliance and analytics. Obscured data retains context and referential integrity remain consistent, ... Learn more about - Informatica Persistent Data Masking

Sensitive Data Discovery, Data Masking. Access Controls.; Sensitive Data Discovery, Data Masking. Access Controls.... Learn more about - iProtect

Nullify data breaches by masking PII in your DBs and files. Automatically find and classify it, then encrypt, pseudonymize, redact, and more while preserving its referential integrity.; Nullify data breaches by m... Learn more about - IRI FieldShield

SecureData provides a flexible range of native interfaces, REST and Simple APIs, to enable easy integration across applications and systems, from legacy databases to mobile, web, and IoT.; SecureData provides a f... Learn more about - Micro Focus Voltage SecureData Enterprise

Compuware's Test Data Management solution, which leverages the industry-leading File-AID products, simplifies the complexity of test data management for both test and production environments through a standardize... Learn more about - Test Data Management




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