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Most Popular - Employee Advocacy Software in 2019

Hootsuite is the most widely used social media management platform, loved by over 16 million people worldwide and trusted by more than 800 of the Fortune 1000. Our brand promise is to empower all organizations?la... Learn more about - Hootsuite

EveryoneSocial provides a social selling & employee advocacy platform designed to help your employees become powerful marketers, sellers, communicators, and recruiters. Whether you?re looking to increase brand aw... Learn more about - EveryoneSocial

GaggleAMP activates your employees to drive digital engagement. Our employee advocacy solution makes it easy and fun for employees to participate in your organization's digital marketing efforts.; GaggleAMP activ... Learn more about - GaggleAMP

Bambu by Sprout Social is an employee advocacy platform that gives your employees a simple way to share curated, pre-approved content across their social networks.; Bambu by Sprout Social is an employee advocacy ... Learn more about - Bambu by Sprout Social

Smarp is the standard for modern employee communication. Their Employee App connects employees to the content they need to be successful in their work, while empowering them to act as brand ambassadors for their ... Learn more about - Smarp

PostBeyond unlocks the potential for influence within everyone. In our referral-based world, buying decisions and brand perceptions are heavily influenced by both business and personal connections on social media... Learn more about - PostBeyond

Sociabble delivers top of the line, mobile-first enterprise solutions for internal communication, employee advocacy, and employee engagement. A Software as a Service (SaaS), our platform aggregates content source... Learn more about - Sociabble

Influitive?s AdvocateHub allows you to build a community and invite advocates? such as your customers, partners and employees?to complete challenges: referrals, product reviews, social media posts, and more. As t... Learn more about - Influitive AdvocateHub

Employee Communication and Engagement Platforms are a critical component for the success of world-class organizations at a time of historic, unprecedented change in the global workplace. Successful serial entrepr... Learn more about - Dynamic Signal

MarketBeam is an AI-driven personalized social marketing platform that utilizes untapped executives? and employees' social networks to 10X your social reach, elevate brand, and nurture leads beyond the usual corp... Learn more about - MarketBeam

Despite an explosion of sales acceleration tools over the last 10 years, sales reps continually struggle to start the sales cycle - they just don_'t get in front of their target audience enough of the time. FRONT... Learn more about - Frontline Selling

SoAmpli is an award-winning advocate marketing and sales SaaS platform. Through a beautiful and user-friendly interface, SoAmpli helps companies turn their sales team into social selling stars increasing sales an... Learn more about - SoAmpli

CustomerAdvocacy.coms cloud based platform gives your team the power to activate your most loyal fans to support your business needs.; CustomerAdvocacy.coms cloud based platform gives your team the power to activ... Learn more about -

SocialToaster is an enterprise-level fan engagement platform that uses the power of social media to amplify your brand?s message. The SocialToaster platform allows you to identify, recruit and activate your best ... Learn more about - Social Toaster

ClearView Social business professionals can share to LinkedIn and Twitter without leaving their inbox. Message Amplified. Results Measured.; ClearView Social business professionals can share to LinkedIn and Twitt... Learn more about - ClearView Social

SocioAdvocacy is the quintessential Employee Advocacy tool that lets your employees discover your official marketing communication and share it with their external social networks, in turn generating positive con... Learn more about - SocioAdvocacy

Employee advocacy is a powerful tool whether you are looking to increase your corporate social media presence, generate leads, build and sustain public relations, for recruitment and much, much more.; Employee ad... Learn more about - Sociuu

Boost your sales and online presence by actively involving the most valuable marketing source you have, being your employees, your happy clients, your partners and resellers, or anyone else who's willing to vouch... Learn more about - Ambassify

Bunchball combines behavioral economics, big data, and gamification to inspire loyalty that lasts. We empower businesses to motivate, engage, and generate true loyalty among customers, partners and employees. Thi... Learn more about - Bunchball

rFactr?s SocialPort? gives organizations a way to scale social selling best practices across the entire enterprise. SocialPort helps to empower employee advocacy while preempting conversations with competitors, r... Learn more about - SocialPort?

welikeit is an intelligent, award-winning platform that automates and controls the distribution of your social media updates, powered by isla your dedicated Social Media assistant.; welikeit is an intelligent, aw... Learn more about - welikeit

BrandMaster is an online platform, designed to help to plan, collect, share, adapt, and distribute all the marketing materials online.; BrandMaster is an online platform, designed to help to plan, collect, share,... Learn more about - Brandmaster

Brandpad is professional brand guidelines system by designers, for designers.; Brandpad is professional brand guidelines system by designers, for designers.... Learn more about - Brandpad

An engagement tool for your team. Capitalize your team's network and influence. Reward your team members.; An engagement tool for your team. Capitalize your team's network and influence. Reward your team members.... Learn more about - Creww

Drumup is an end to end social media content scheduling and discovery app, and can cut down your social media management effort by up to 90% (works with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). It discovers relevant and ... Learn more about - DrumUp

Fabl is a new visual storytelling platform (SaaS) that drives content and social marketing campaigns, making it easy for you to create and publish compelling content and engage with your customers in an authentic... Learn more about - Fabl

Fielo?s Incentive Automation software platform allows organizations to easily design, manage and scale incentive and loyalty programs. Fielo's Salesforce-native solution not only incentivizes desired outcomes, bu... Learn more about - Fielo Loyalty

Incentivefox makes it easy for local businesses to collect more referrals, re-engage with their customer base and improve employee retention to drive more revenue with less hassle.; Incentivefox makes it easy for... Learn more about - Incentivefox Platform

LoyaltyMatch is a cloud-based loyalty management and gamification platform that offers the fastest path to the development and delivery of loyalty and engagement initiatives revolutionizing the way businesses man... Learn more about - LoyaltyMatch

Smync is the Social Word-of-Mouth Marketing Platform. They empower brands and agencies with the tools to identify, foster, and amplify brand enthusiasts and ignite social brand advocate communities, delivering Re... Learn more about - Smync

SocialChorus is the leading workforce communications platform that transforms how workers and organizations connect every day. We empower communicators to reach every worker from the head office to the front line... Learn more about - SocialChorus

The SociaLook Engagement platform allows you to engage your employees to create and distribute relevant content about your brand.; The SociaLook Engagement platform allows you to engage your employees to create a... Learn more about - SociaLook

SOCXO is a leading advocacy platform that enables brands to transform their stakeholders into brand advocates. We believe that people are a transformative force and have the power to amplify the brand?s social re... Learn more about - SoCXO

SparkBase is a gift card and loyalty software platform that enables businesses to reward their customers in real time for monetary and non-monetary behavior across channels.; SparkBase is a gift card and loyalty ... Learn more about - SparkBase

The Loyalty Box is a flexible customer loyalty solution for retailers on a budget.; The Loyalty Box is a flexible customer loyalty solution for retailers on a budget.... Learn more about - The Loyalty Box

VIP Crowd makes it fun and rewarding for your biggest fans to help grow your small business. Companies using VIP Crowd: *Get more referrals *Receive valuable feedback *Distribute content effectively *Encourage so... Learn more about - VIP Crowd

Nurture a culture of employee advocacy -A new way for organisations to drive their company values and behaviours in support of 'real' employee advocacy. One of the smartest things an organisation can do is to emp... Learn more about - Visibly

Yip Yip is a one for many digital platform that empowers an solopreneurs and networks to have a thriving online presence through automated content.; Yip Yip is a one for many digital platform that empowers an sol... Learn more about - Yip Yip




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